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Blueinno is experienced with collaborating with corporate, educational institutions and organizations on teacher and staff training. We have curriculum and materials tailored to different topics, ranging from artificial intelligence, STEM education to design thinking training. We share our knowledge and experience so that you can independently hold similar training and programs for your students, colleagues, and clients.

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AI Training

Artificial intelligence is becoming an important asset to master as it is getting more and more involved in our daily lives. In our training, you will learn cutting-edge AI technology, such as computer vision and neural networks, and get hands-on experience on the most advanced AI applications, such as object detection. 

Showcase: Mapping Hong Kong Coral Reefs with AI Object Detection with MakerBay Foundation

MIT App Inventor Training

MIT App Inventor, one of the most popular block-based programming languages nowadays, is designed to allow everyone to build apps in an easy drag-and-drop building blocks, so they can master coding skills in a safe and encouraging learning environment. Teachers are also able to design interesting and inspiring coding curriculum based on the MIT App Inventor, resulting in that students can create sophisticated and meaningful work in just a few weeks of time. 

Showcase: Training Hong Kong teachers on creative STEM education with MIT App Inventor in collaboration with Hong Kong MIT Innovation Node

BBC micro:bit Training

The micro:bit is a microcomputer from the UK to learn coding and technology. Using the Microsoft Makecode blocks editor, you can easily prototype many inventions. Teachers and trainers can easily pick up and teach students to program all sorts of cool creations, from musical instruments to robots. Your students will be able to develop a solid foundation for coding knowledge and invent using block-based programming. 

Showcase: STEM Maker at School with Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation

Arduino Robotics Training

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform with industrial standards for developing real-life prototypes and solutions. It is a system implemented by many social innovators and entrepreneurs. In this training, you will learn programming using Arduino board and master coding skills for building all sorts of real-life applications, from a programmable light to an object detection device.

Showcase: "Playing Around Arduino" Corporate Training for Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Design Thinking Training

Businesses and organizational development are driven by innovation nowadays. Design thinking is a powerful innovation tool to get lean – achieving more with less - and should be mastered by all levels of staff members. For students, design thinking can help them translate innovative ideas into real prototypes and inspire their entrepreneurial mindset.

Showcase: Design Thinking Workshop for the University of Hong Kong

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