Terms and Condition


  1. Enrollment is confirmed upon the receipt of your application form and the settlement of your full payment.
  2. Enrollment is continuous and on a first-come first-serve basis.

Guidelines for Absences and Make-up Lessons

To ensure smoothness and learning effectiveness, consistent attendance is crucial.To minimize interruption to classes and allow flexibility to parents, we provide make-up lessons according to the following guidelines:

  1. Make-up lessons for absence due to sickness, school events, or other special circumstances will ONLY be arranged with advance notice.
  2. Each make-up lesson may only be rescheduled ONCE and arranged in our available time slots. No extra arrangement will be made for a missed make-up class.
  3. A maximum of one make-up lesson can be arranged in a month. A second make-up lesson in the same month will not be arranged unless shown of proof by medical doctors for sickness,school events by school authority.
  4. The make-up lesson can be arranged for time missed but may not be for content missed.
  5. All make-up lessons must be taken within two months from the date of absence and within the paid months. After two months, the arrangement will be forfeited.
  6. Credit for missed lessons cannot be applied toward tuition of upcoming lessons.

Enforced Closures

For classes cancelled due to unexpected public health warnings, e.g. swine flu, there will be no refund nor credit given.


No refund for whatever reasons once enrollment is confirmed and fees are paid. Fees paid cannot be transferred to another student or a later date. 

Guidelines on Typhoon and Rainstorm

  1. All classes will be cancelled when the Typhoon Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted. These classes will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  2. Please note that it is up to parents’ discretion in sending their children during adverse weather conditions. Blueinno Technology Limited is NOT responsible for any inconvenience or mishaps under such circumstances.
  3. All classes at Blueinno Technology Limited will resume if Typhoon signal No.8 and/or Black Rainstorm signal are lowered TWO HOURS before classes begin. For example: If signals are lowered at 7:00am, classes will resume at 9:00am; if lowered at 12:00nn, resume at 2:00pm.

Photos and Other Media

Photographs and videos taken by us during classes, workshops and events, showing your child and yourself, may be used for teacher training and promotional purposes. If you do not consent to the use of these materials, please inform us at the point of enrollment.


For safety reasons, please do not leave your child unattended in our studio before or after classes without adult supervision.

In any case Blueinno Technology Limited will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, accidents, losses and damages to the students and their belongings. You further agree to waive any and all claims you may have against, and release from all liability, and agree not to sue Blueinno Technology Limited and its officers, employees, agents, volunteers and representatives for any personal injury, accident, property damage or loss sustained as a result of your child’s participation in any activities held within or outside our premise during class time, arising out of any cause whatsoever.

Personal Data

We collect, store and use your personal data in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong. We will deliver promotional information to you through various communications channels. Should you prefer not to receive such information, please send your request to contact@blueinnotechnology.com.