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At Blueinno, hundreds of kids enroll in our programs and training every year, and their parents witness how our programs impact them with significant growth in coding skills, innovative mindset, and mature personality. Let's discover what parents say about us, our programs, and their kids.

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"I think future education is all about creativity and how to make it come true. So, in the younger days, we need to teach students how to work with technical systems. This is the main focus of our future education."

Dr. Jasmine Tong,

Senior Lecturer at Lingnan University

"I appreciate the teachers in Blueinno a lot, because they can not only teach our kids on professional coding, but also on community care, which is very important in this world."

What Parents Say

A pioneer in STEM education, their hands-on approach encourages kids to create their own projects by teaching both soft skills such as idea generation and presentation, and hard skills like coding and electric circuits. Kids get to learn in the real-life context.

Ms. Joey Law, TEDx Speaker

The program that my son attended is a perfect way to introduce our youth to the numerous possibilities of technology. My son was totally excited about the class and he came out of it with the confidence that he is able to create anything he imagines. This is truly powerful and inspiring.

Dr. Michael Sung, HKUST, School of Engineering

It was a mind blowing experience for my grandson. Monica is a great teacher! My grandson said that he wanted to be a Lego builder and an electronic engineer!

Mr. Kenneth So, HKETA, Honorary Advisor

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欣賞我們的學生在半年一度的STEM Project Presentation Day展示自己的作品。 


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