Blueinno formed a strategic partnership with HKCIN

11 月 4, 2023
Blueinno formed a strategic partnership with HKCIN

Blueinno Technology (Blueinno) formed a strategic partnership with Hong Kong Children In Need Foundation (HKCIN) to promote technology and STEAM education

   Blueinno Technology Limited (Blueinno) was founded to develop and promote STEM, computational thinking mindset, and cutting-edge technology knowledge to students of all ages from around the globe. Since 2016, Blueinno has trained more than 10,000 students in coding, engineering, STEM, and AI through over 400 hours of structured curriculum. Their regular programs, summer camps, and self-learning STEM toolkits are well-received and attract parents and students locally and overseas. Collaborating with NGOs, government institutions, and business corporations, Blueinno also engages in AI and computer vision projects, to showcase how technology and coding impact the world.

   Hong Kong Children In Need Foundation Limited (HKCIN) is dedicated to delivering high-quality STEAM education and experiences for children in Hong Kong. They look to motivate and discover children’s potential creativity and individuality, and to nurture a positive and proactive life value by using STEAM innovation to address societal needs, family ties, and individual well-being.

   Since its inception in November 2019, HKCIN has served over 4,100 students, 1,210 parents, 221 teachers, and 23 schools in Hong Kong, and has received support and funding from several well-known corporations. As a non-profit leader in raising educational standards and bridging the resource gap in Hong Kong, HKCIN persisted in STEAM education throughout the pandemic while focusing on children's learning at home by turning various in-person after-school programs into online at-home STEAM workshops. Its flagship STEAM programs in schools used the "Train-the-Trainer" model to create long-term impact.

   The partnership builds upon the successful collaboration between Blueinno and HKCIN since 2019. Programs such as “Operation Santa Claus 2020: STEM Maker in School”, “Operation Santa Claus 2022: INventoo - STEM Inventors in School Project”, “AIA Foundation x HKCIN STEM Buddies Program 2023”, and different one-off STEAM workshops have already showcased the combined efforts of both organizations in promoting STEAM education.  

   Looking ahead, Blueinno will provide education technology consultancy services and support to HKCIN on the strategic development and implementation of its STEAM programs. We are excited to introduce some upcoming programs in this partnership, including “HKCIN Mobile Classroom STEAM Competition” and “STEAMentor Leadership Program”. These initiatives will further enhance the learning experience of students in Hong Kong and empower them in innovation.  

   We believe the forming of this strategic partnership between BlueinnoHKCIN can further extend the vision and missions of both organizations of cultivating and promoting cutting-edge technology and STEAM education to the next generations with mastery of future essential skills. In doing so, we can sustain Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a world’s leading city for social innovation and entrepreneurship and make a lasting impact on the STEAM education landscape in Hong Kong.

Blueinno formed a strategic partnership with HKCIN
Blueinno formed a strategic partnership with HKCIN

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