BBC micro:bit Courses

Code and build with our micro:bit microcontroller!

Discover how to integrate objects with hardware and software, and create your own inventions using the BBC micro:bit computer board. Master its user-friendly block-based programming interface, and harness various sensors to bring your programs to life in the real world. This course is a perfect blend of micro:bit and STEM education, designed to inspire young minds in the exciting world of coding.

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Coding experience preferred, but NOT required

Overview of micro:bit courses

Embark on a journey with our micro:bit course for kids in Hong Kong, where young learners become acquainted with the fundamentals of coding through hands-on experience with the BBC micro:bit. Our course empowers students to design solutions for real-life challenges, fostering a strong foundation in STEM education. Engage with interactive coding classes that make learning both fun and impactful, utilising a range of sensors to bring students' programming visions to life.

micro-bit courses for kids

Curriculum of micro:bit Courses

Module 1

micro:bit Basics

Don't judge by its small size, micro:bit is actually a powerful computer!  This module is a pivotal part of our micro:bit course tailored for kids as it introduces to the powerful capabilities of micro:bit. Students will not only learn the essentials of coding but also get hands-on experience by integrating science principles to innovate and craft their very own technological creations. It's a perfect start for young minds eager to explore coding classes for kids and develop a strong foundation in STEM education.

micro:bit courses and coding courses for kids
micro:bit courses and coding courses for kids


  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser

Education Tools

  • BBC micro:bit & Sensor Kits
  • Microsoft MakeCode Block Programming

Bring Home...

  • An attendance certificate
  • micro:bit education kit set
  • All project code stored online

Take a Look at Our Classrooms 

Class Schedule of micro:bit Courses 


Lessons per module


Hours Each

1 : 5

 Teacher to Student Ratio

2 - 5

Students / Class

Module 1:

micro:bit Basics

Sat 3:30pm - 5:00pm

(Apr 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25; Jun 1, 8, 15)

HK$6346 $6680 (Early Bird Discount before Mar 31)

Prince Edward 

*Other time slots available on request. Contact us!

micro:bit courses and coding course for kids

About Micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer board designed to inspire the next generation of inventors by making coding and STEM robotics accessible and engaging. Our micro:bit courses are ideally for children aged 8-11. These beginner-level courses offer hands-on learning experiences using the micro:bit's integrated hardware and software. Kids will explore coding concepts and utilise various sensors to create projects that can address real-world problems, all while using the intuitive and user-friendly Microsoft MakeCode block programming interface. This learning journey is not just about understanding technology; it is also about making your imagination grow, getting better at problem-solving, and experiencing the fun of learning something new.


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