Intensive  |  Age 10-14  |  Coding

AI Basics with JavaScript

This AI course for kids aims to introduce you to the world of AI with JavaScript and cutting-edge technology such as object and face detection. You will also learn how to apply them to solve real-life problems this holiday coding camp!

AI course kids, Coding camps








Must be able to type efficiently

Learning Outcomes

  • Write your first lines of JavaScript with the p5.js interface, an open-source library
  • Master basic programming concepts - functions, loops, events, variables
  • Experience the vast potential of AI and its real world applications
AI course kids, Coding camps

AI with Javascript Holiday Coding Camp Curriculum 

Explore coding with basic JavaScript.

An introduction to JavaScript and the p5.js interface. Learn how to manipulate x-y coordinates on the computer and draw graphics with code.

AI course kids, Coding camps

Experience digital art!

Code the sketch pad application where you can draw with a mouse, different pen colors and settings.

AI course kids, Coding camps

Get exposure to different fields of AI.

Turn your webcam into a visual party! Apply computer vision, a field of AI, to create different filter effects over the webcam.

AI course kids, Coding camps

Master Google Teachable Machine.

Unleash the potential of AI! Learn about Google's Teachable Machine to train your very own models to recognize different objects, from staplers, figurines to chairs.

AI course kids, Coding camps

You can even do face detection.

Discover how to use an AI library to detect human faces. Overlay different images over the face to create your own unique camera filter.

AI course kids, Coding camps


  • Bring your own laptop with a charger and get Google Chrome installed

Education Tools

  • p5.js with JavaScript Language
  • Google Teachable Machine

Bring Home...

  • An attendance certificate
  • All project code and creations stored online

What Parents Say

A pioneer in STEM education, their hands-on approach encourages kids to create their own projects by teaching both soft skills such as idea generation and presentation, and hard skills like coding and electric circuits. Kids get to learn in the real-life context.

Ms. Joey Law, 

TEDx Speaker

The program that my son attended is a perfect way to introduce our youth to the numerous possibilities of technology. My son was totally excited about the class and he came out of it with the confidence that he is able to create anything he imagines. This is truly powerful and inspiring.

Dr. Michael Sung,

HKUST, School of Engineering

It was a mind blowing experience for my grandson. Monica is a great teacher! My grandson said that he wanted to be a Lego builder and an electronic engineer!

Mr. Kenneth So,

HKETA, Honorary Advisor

Take a Look at Our Classroom 

Summer Holiday Camp - Class Schedule 

Artificial Intelligence Basics with JavaScript




Hours Each

1 : 5

 Teacher to Student Ratio

2 - 5

Students / Class

Jul 22 - 26 (Mon - Fri)

10:00am - 12:00pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Jul 29 - Aug 2 (Mon - Fri)

1:30pm - 3:30pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Aug 5 - 9 (Mon - Fri)

10:00am - 12:00pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Aug 12 - 16 (Mon - Fri)

1:30pm - 3:30pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Aug 19 - 23 (Mon - Fri)

1:30pm - 3:30pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Aug 26 - 30 (Mon - Fri)

3:45pm - 5:45pm

$3800 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

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形式: 面對面實體課堂 (太子)線上課堂

Want More?

10-14歲  |  FUTURE TECH

學習使用ChatGPT、Stable Diffusion等生成式AI,創作復活節主題的故事、圖畫及影像。

AI for kids

About our coding camp's AI course for kids

Blueinno Technology offers an innovative JavaScript holiday coding camp designed for beginners aged 10 and above. This program provides an understanding of JavaScript and its applications in AI, fused with holiday fun. The curriculum begins with creative coding using the p5.js library, exploring the world of digital Art, followed by exploring fun AI applications in JavaScript. Students will learn to create interactive web applications, animations, digital art, and games. They will also get the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies like PoseNet and Google's Teachable Machine. The course requires students to bring their own laptop with a pre-installed Google Chrome browser. By the end of the holiday coding camp, students will not only be filled with cheers but also have an understanding and appreciation for using JavaScript for creative and design applications.