Scratch Programming for Beginners

Develop a solid foundation for basic computer science concepts using Scratch, the MIT-developed block-based programming language.









No coding experience necessary

Learning Outcomes

  • Master MIT Scratch
  • Learn basic programming concepts, such as sequences, loops, variables and events
  • Create and program characters to make them move around

What You'll Learn

Welcome to Scratch!

Explore the wonderful world of Scratch. We introduce basics elements of sprites, directions and scripts so you can make your first animation and application!

Host a dance party for your friends.

Equip with the basic knowledge of Scratch, go wild and create your own dance party! Play a musical instrument and have your friends dance on the floor. 

Ready for some interactive games?

Master basic coding concepts and fundamentals of game design by building fun games that can be shared with your friends and family. 

Code meaningfully.

How can we utilize code to raise awareness for ocean health issues and global warming? You will be challenged to consider how your actions impact the world and how you can create a better future. 

Unleash your creativity and coding superpowers.

Consolidate the coding knowledge you have acquired by creating your own Scratch games. Think creatively and take charge in the design process.


  • Bring your own laptop with a charger and get Google Chrome installed

Education Tools

  • Scratch block programming developed by MIT

Bring Home...

  • The STEM education kit set
  • All project code and creations you made

What Parents Say

A pioneer in STEM education, their hands-on approach encourages kids to create their own projects by teaching both soft skills such as idea generation and presentation, and hard skills like coding and electric circuits. Kids get to learn in the real-life context.

Ms. Joey Law, TEDx Speaker

The program that my son attended is a perfect way to introduce our youth to the numerous possibilities of technology. My son was totally excited about the class and he came out of it with the confidence that he is able to create anything he imagines. This is truly powerful and inspiring.

Dr. Michael Sung, HKUST, School of Engineering

It was a mind blowing experience for my grandson. Monica is a great teacher! My grandson said that he wanted to be a Lego builder and an electronic engineer!

Mr. Kenneth So, HKETA, Honorary Advisor

Take a Look at Our Classroom 

Class Schedule 




Hours Each

1 : 5

 Teacher to Student Ratio

2 - 5

Students / Class

Apr 3, 4, 6

(3 lessons: Mon, Tue, Fri)

2pm - 4pm

$2475 HKD

Prince Edward / Online via Zoom

Tailor your own camp to have fun with friends!

Form your private camp of 4-6 students with tailored classes that suits your learning needs and schedule. The camp can cover any content of the holiday camps.

Mode: face-to-face (Prince Edward/Tin Hau/ Science Park) or online

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