Learn from home with comfort without compromising quality

What programs are available online?

Weekly Programs

technologists (age 7-11)
Inventors (age 8-12)

Holiday Camps

How It Works

Rather learn safe and comfortably at your home? We offer live online programs taught by our qualified and engaging instructors to ensure that students receive the same experience as if they were here in person. 



Book a free 20-min free session with us. It can be either in-person or online. 

In the session, our instructors will get to know your kid a little bit and determine the most suitable courses for them. 


Flexible Schedule

Many parents prefer online classes because of convenience. We fully understand and that is why we try to cater our online classes to your schedule. 

We will work with you to find a time that suits you and your kid. 


Hardware Toolkit

Learning online doesn't mean sacrificing hands-on practice. For programs with hardware elements, we will mail the toolkit to you ahead of time to make sure your kid is prepared for class! 



You will need to prepare two devices for your kid with Zoom and Google Chrome installed. One device is for their project and the other for viewing the instructor's screen. Our instructors will provide more details before the program commences. 



Our instructors will provide feedback on your kid's progress and performance. 

Nurturing and inspiring kids to innovate

Structured Programs

Our curriculum is well received by top international and local schools.

Experienced Instructors

Our teaching team comprises professional engineers, lecturers and PhD.

Personalized Learning

Small class sizes allow instructors to personalize their support for each student. 

Practical Applications

Students build an understanding through exploring real world challenges.