Young girl grew with Blueinno into a tech innovator to code NFTs

August 26, 2022

Apart from Nathan, Ethan and Marcus, these talented boys graduated from Blueinno's weekly regular program, we are also pleased to see a young girl of great potential, Charlotte Chan, who grew up as a tech innovator with a lot of brilliant creative ideas.

Starting at the age of 5 in 2018, she joined the Blueinno's summer camp to learn STEM and ScratchJr, soon enough she found keen interest in coding and engineering, along with weekly courses of mirco:bit, Arduino, Python and NFTs. The girl who invented a micro:bit guitar in the past now presented her projects of creating NFTs and planned to start her own business, impressing our guests and parents and winning a champion on the summer presentation day this year! Check out Charlotte’s OpenSea NFT projects

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