Blueinno student won the HK International Student Innovative Invention Contest 2022!

January 11, 2023

Congratulations to Blueinno’s student, Ethan, on winning the HK International Student Innovative Invention Contest 2022! 

Ethan has been taking regular STEM classes at Blueinno for 6 months and is greatly inspired by his instructors and classmates. At home, Ethan’s parents would help him generate innovative ideas, and order materials to realize them by building prototypes and test out, adopting the design thinking approach that he learned in class. He would also take videos to showcase the prototypes if they finally work out. His parents agree that Blueinno’s classes have been helping him so much to develop his innovative mindset with essential coding skills.

As an educational institution that is always dedicated to developing our youth into innovators for the next generation who are well-versed in coding skills with a caring heart to serve, we are so glad to see him achieve so much within such a short time. His invention for winning the Gold Award in the contest, the smart fire extinguishing system for putting out hill fires, specially designed for the peak grave visiting seasons, is truly a demonstration of what our training is aiming for, innovation with coding for a common good!  

Once again, Congratulations Ethan! We are so proud of you! 

News from Yan Chai for reference:

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