We develop our curriculum around design thinking.

Traditional learning methods very often hinder students' abilities to innovate and apply knowledge in real life. Students are spoon-fed knowledge and overwhelmed by school work everyday, making them view learning as a boring and tedious task.

Here at Blueinno, we recognize that every student is unique. Employing the concepts of design thinking, we teach each of them to think independently and solve problems creatively so that they can go on to thrive in the digital revolution nowadays. 

Our Five-step Design Thinking Approach


Empathy / Explore

The first step is getting to know every student and their learning needs. We teach them to be curious and observant of their surroundings, while appreciating the diversity of the world and respecting people from different backgrounds.



Knowledge is the foundation of conceiving and realizing creative ideas. We engage our students and teach them the knowledge by practicing hands-on projects to make sure those concepts stick.



Our program inspires students to generate new and exciting ideas based on creativity and knowledge. Our instructors foster such an environment for students to think outside of the box.



Our instructors then guide students to bring their great ideas to life by creating prototypes. The best learning occurs in failures, so they can figure out what went wrong and try again. Our small class sizes allow us to give students both freedom and our undivided attention



Great products have to be shared! Students get to work with their peers and other innovators to encourage each other and improve their work. We organize bi-annual STEM Project Presentation Day especially for them so that they can share their great ideas and products on stage under the spotlight.

Curriculum Overview

Our programs are set up so that kids can build up core science and technology concepts in a constructive and structural manner. 

How we coach Kids

Kids who learn to think become adaptable and resilient.

We believe kids are resilient and curious about their surrounding environment. With guidance and suitable coaching, they can be inspired and strive to become creative problem solvers by themselves. Then they are ready to make impacts to the world with their own innovations.

Project-Based Learning 

We employ maker education in our programs, a combination of hands-on applications and project-based learning. 

Positive Education 

We inspire the next generation to be inventors equipped with a positive attitude toward life and the world.

Bridging the Gap 

Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between abstract concepts and everyday life through practical applications.

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