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Future Tech: Generative AI & ChatGPT

In this AI course for kids, create your AI-generated story using python, ChatGPT, and generative AI models, such as stable diffusion. Learn cutting-edge Technology and create your own booklet or video in this holiday coding camp!

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What you will learn in chatGPT course

  • Master Prompt engineering: generate natural language text with ChatGPT
  • Explore stable diffusion: generative AI for high-quality images and videos. 
  • Access cutting-edge technology and expert guidance with the tech navy.
ai course kids, coding camps

Generative AI Coding Camp Curriculum

Understand what is Generative AI

Upon enrolling in our AI course for kids, you will learn how to create generative AI models using advanced machine-learning techniques. You will explore practical applications of generative AI in various fields, such as creative industries, and content creation. You will also gain hands-on experience working with popular generative AI model, such as chatGPT, and stable diffusion.

ai course kids, coding camps

Elevate your creative skills

Elevate your creative skills in this holiday coding camp! With our AI course for kids, you can craft your unique story by providing accurate prompts for the AI to generate images and words. 

ai course kids, coding camps

Prompt Engineering with chatGPT

Unleash your imagination with prompt engineering using ChatGPT! This amazing AI language model can help you create prompts that inspire creativity and spark new ideas. Students can have fun with language to create stories!

ai course kids, coding camps

Generate images with AI Text-to-image model

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model using deep learning. It generates high-quality images from textual descriptions, making it valuable for professionals in computer vision, AI, advertising, design, and entertainment.

ai course kids, coding camps

Learn how to make prompts to make your own pictures!

Writing good prompts is an essential skill to generate high-quality images using text-to-image in stable diffusion. One should learn how to write descriptive and specific prompts that accurately convey the desired image to the AI model. Additionally, understanding the limitations and capabilities of the generative AI model can help in crafting effective prompts that produce the desired output.

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  • Prepare your own laptop with installed google chrome and a charger

Education Tools

  • Stable Diffusion
  • ChatGPT

Bring Home...

  • An attendance certificate
  • Your own generative AI images or videos

What Parents Say

A pioneer in STEM education, their hands-on approach encourages kids to create their own projects by teaching both soft skills such as idea generation and presentation, and hard skills like coding and electric circuits. Kids get to learn in the real-life context.

Ms. Joey Law, 

TEDx Speaker

The program that my son attended is a perfect way to introduce our youth to the numerous possibilities of technology. My son was totally excited about the class and he came out of it with the confidence that he is able to create anything he imagines. This is truly powerful and inspiring.

Dr. Michael Sung,

HKUST, School of Engineering

It was a mind blowing experience for my grandson. Monica is a great teacher! My grandson said that he wanted to be a Lego builder and an electronic engineer!

Mr. Kenneth So,

HKETA, Honorary Advisor

Take a Look at Our Classroom 

Class Schedule 




Hours Each

1 : 5

 Teacher-to-Student Ratio

2 - 5

Students / Class

Easter Holiday Camp:
Mar 28, Apr 2, 3, 5 

2:00pm - 4:00am

$3300 HKD

(4-day camp)

Prince Edward

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Tailor your own camp to have fun with friends!

Form your private camp of 4-6 students with tailored classes that suits your learning needs and schedule. The camp can cover any content of the holiday camps.

Mode: face-to-face (Prince Edward) or online

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