STEM and Coding Easter Camps 2024!

Easter STEM and coding camps

Enjoy Easter break learning coding at our fun-filled Easter camps!

Discover our 4-day long STEM and Coding Easter Camps!  Our camps offer an exciting Easter break where students can delve into the realm of robotics, unravel the magic of 3D design, and embrace the language of the future with coding. The highlight? Our ChatGPT course invites kids to converse with AI, unlocking a world of digital storytelling. Each session is crafted as a stepping stone towards mastering technology!

Ages 10-14  |  FUTURE TECH

Learn how to use generative AI models like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion to create unique Easter-themed stories, artworks, or designs.

coding classes for kids

Tailor your own camp to have fun with friends!

Form your private camp of 4-6 students with tailored classes that suits your learning needs and schedule. The camp can cover any content of the holiday camps.

Mode: face-to-face (Prince Edward) or online

Nurturing and inspiring kids to innovate

Structured Programs

Our curriculum is well received by top international and local schools.

Experienced Instructors

Our teaching team comprises professional engineers, lecturers and PhD.

Personalized Learning

Small class sizes allow instructors to personalize their support for each student. 

Practical Applications

Students build an understanding through exploring real world challenges.

Trusted By Parents

Blueinno is a magical place as they convert imagination into real products, and encourages kids to learn from failures. I think future education is all about creativity and how to make it come true. So, in the younger days, we need to teach students how to work with technical systems. This is the main focus of our future education. I will introduce Blueinno to all of my friends.

Ms. Judy,
Parent of student from the Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division

My 10-year-old daughter, Ariel, her journey to writing codes is totally enlightened by Blueinno. The more she learns, the more she likes it. The whole programme is problem-solving-led thinking, encouraging children to discover their own mistakes; allows them to design their own unique projects and realize their dreams, from idea generation to showcasing. The humanistic care and global attention in the curriculum also develops children into future global citizens.

Dr. Jasmine Tong, Senior Lecturer, Lingnan University

My son, Hiro, has joined Blueinno for 4 years. The courses here are well designed, attending to details and providing all-rounded development to kids. The conference with Monica constantly updated me with Hiro’s progress. Despite living in the UK now, Hiro still attends Blueinno’s courses virtually. He has become an IT expert with a much higher level of skills compared with other kids here. As a visionary STEM education leader, Monica also enlightened me to prepare Hiro for top universities like MIT and Harvard to continue his innovation path.

Hiro's parent from the UK

Our Exceptional Students

Watch our students present their final projects at our bi-annual STEM Project Presentation Day. 

easter STEM and coding camps

Prefer long-term structural classes?

Take a look at the weekly regular classes for long-term and structural development.

Mode: face-to-face (Prince Edward) or online

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