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Blueinno STEM Project Presentation Day is an annual event to encourage students to share their innovative ideas to the public. Since 2016, our students have been working hard to share their working prototypes to tech leaders and professors, who are invited to give feedback to their ideas.

Our Exceptional Students

Watch our students present their final projects at our bi-annual STEM Project Presentation Day. 

Presentation Day

8th: 02 Jul, 2023 @ Hong Kong Science Park

Guest of Honor: Mr. Wilson Kwok, Head of Technical Services, The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd.

Judge: Mr. Yuk Man Chan, Corporate Development, ZERO Biotech Co. Ltd

Judge: Ms. Chase Ko, Program Development Manager, Hong Kong Children In Need Foundation

7th: 24 Jul, 2022 @ Hong Kong Science Park

Guest of Honor: Dr. Hung King Fai Kevin, Head of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science cum Associate Professor, School of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Judge: Mr. Derek Lee, Startup & Mentorship Sub-com Chairman, HKETA

6th: 15 Dec, 2019 @ Power A Space, Sheung Wan

Sharing by Mr. Benny Cheung, STEM Instructor & Competition Coach, Blueinno Technology

5th: 23 Jun, 2019 @ Power A Space, Sheung Wan

Guest: Mr. Mike Li, Co-founder of HK Maker Club, and 3D Printed Prosthetics

4th: 16 Dec, 2018 @ Power A Space, Sheung Wan

Guest: Mr. Derek Lee, Vice Chairman and Youth & Startup Sub-com Chairman, HKETA

3rd: 17 Jun, 2018 @ Innocentre, Kowloon Tong

Sharing by Ms. Monica Leung, Founder, Blueinno Technology

2nd: 16 Dec, 2017 @ playgound.work, Sheung Wan

Guest: Mr. Wah Kwok, Engineer from Facebook

1st: 03 Dec, 2016 @ Innocentre, Kowloon Tong

Guest: Dr. K.F. Tsang, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, the City University Of Hong Kong

Guest: Mr. Eric Ng, CEO, Red Soldier Limited

Our Happy Parents

We care a lot about what our parents think.

A pioneer in STEM education, their hands-on approach encourages children to create their own projects by teaching both soft skills such as idea generation and presentation, and hard skills like coding and electric circuits. Kids get to learn in the real-life context.

Ms. Joey Law
joeymum.com, TEDx Speaker, mother of a 12-year old entrepreneur Hilary Yip

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