Blueinno Blockly Platform

A platform designed for the best learning experience for kids.

Blueinno Blocks (BB) is a platform designed and developed exclusively by the Blueinno team for young learners so that they can innovate with coding and engineering in a new and easy way by using block-based programming

Kids don't need to learn and type difficult text codes to control each function of Arduino anymore. Instead, the BB platform allows your kids to fully unleash their imagination and integrate computer science and engineering with the Arduino microcomputer currently used by innovators and entrepreneurs around the world. 

The BB platform also allows a seamless transition for your kids to move on to more advanced programming languages like Python and AI applications like object detection.

Unique Features

1. Dual feature 

The unique platform allows both block-based and text-based programming for Arduino learners to master the current industrial standards of innovation.

2. Web-based

A totally web-based platform that supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Mac and Chromebook. You do not need to pre-install any software apps.

3. Teaching Materials Ready

Curriculum is designed by our professional instructors, our platform help students to seamlessly transit from the block-based to text-based programming.

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How we design our curriculum

Project-Based Learning 

We employ maker education in our programs, a combination of hands-on applications and project-based learning. 

Positive Education 

We inspire the next generation to be inventors equipped with a positive attitude toward life and the world.

Bridging the Gap 

Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between abstract concepts and everyday life through practical applications.

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